Pannonia greenfo

Pannonia Greenfo is project that aims to increase the level of knowledge and education in the field of environment protection in the wider context, and preserve natural habitats and endangered species in particular. Project encompasses elementary and secondary school pupils, students, teachers, professors, educators, youth workers and wide public. In innovative and unique way in this region, through production of multimedia content, education in environment protection, ecology, photo/video documentation and activism we aim to develop consciousness that through small everyday actions everyone can contribute in lessening the negative effects that society has created on the environmentand in a direct way raise awareness about problems that we are facing and possible solutions. We address those issues on three levels. Production and broadcasting eighteen half hour monthly TV programs on national and regional broadcasters. Main topics are natural habitats, endangered and protected species on the territory of Vojvodina, pollution, waste disposal, wastewater and positive examples from the EU or countries from this region. It will be followed by two short educational and informative films per month, that will focus the attention of public to specific issues. From experience with national broadcasters in previous projects, this short form proved to be very effective. Second level is educational/activistic. It will be conducted through education of teachers and lecturers in elementary and secondary schools about new innovative ways of teaching ecology and environment protection to pupils, in order to improve the quality of teaching and ensure that the acquired knowledge is permanent and practically applicable. Education of pupils, through workshops, quiz-shows and ecological nature camps, youngsters will learn how to recognize endangered species, make a short film about it, create ecological website of their living environment, recognize types of pollution, identify pollutants, become well trained in procedures and protection measures corresponding to different pollution types. Thus pupils will be equipped with active knowledge and will be able to transfer it to their peers through peer education thus become ecologically responsible members of society. In the long run this will lead to sustainable development in Vojvodina and this region. Third level is creating unique and the only ecological web portal in region, and it will be common platform for all activities within this project on one hand, and sharing, discussing, networking, meeting and collaborating point for formal and informal groups and individuals that deal with the issues of ecology and environment protection on the other. Content creation would be upon editorial teams. Web portal will function in both ways so that the end users will be able to create content by sharing their own observations, critiques or good practices on this website. In the beginning editorial teams will be consisting of people from partner organizations and in time the aim is to include new collaborators. Monthly e-newsletter will be produced and it would contain most updated and current information from this field. We strongly believe that sustainable development can be reached only through systematic education on many different levels and direct joint action.        

Pannonia Greenfo is a long term project that aims to educate, inform and raise awareness of population in the field of environment protection and ecology. To achieve these goals we will use television, Internet and educational tools (workshops, seminars). We believe that long term change for the better is achievable only through joint and coordinated action that has an impact on different levels of society.Thus we plan to include all citizens, regardless of their gender or age, understanding that education is the best key for achieving quintessential changes. Significance of this project is the fact that it is unique and genuine in this part of the World. Even though there are organizations that deal with environmental and ecological issues in Vojvodina and Serbia, the projects that they work on are rarely or not at all interconnected. Most of them don’t know about other’s projects or actions. Creating a meeting point, ecological web platform, that will gather and disseminate all relevant information about all organizations that work in the field of ecology and environment protection, will be a huge step forward towards creating united ecological front that will educate and bring to attention burning issues in this field and have significant and strong long-term impact on all relevant stakeholders in this region. One of the most important things that we want to achieve through education of different levels of community, from primary school pupils to professionals in this field, is creating a continuity that will lead to sustainable development.